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Video # 7: One Word to Describe Canada

As a songwriter, when you need a particular kind of song that does not yet exist, you write it yourself. And if you're really lucky, it's some of your best work! Such was the case (in my opinion at least) with "Canada is Pretty." In early June, the programming department at Feinstein's/54 Below announced that they would be presenting another installment of the "54 Does 54" series – in which, as a member of the staff, I would be invited to perform. This was welcome news, of course, since the show would be on June 19th, less than two weeks before "Canada Day With Joshua Stackhouse." I could advertisement the Canada Day show by presenting one of my Canada-themed songs (kind of like the performance that inspired the Canada Day show in the first place)! Not so fast. For the first time, this "54 Does 54" show would have a theme: Pride. Well that presented a problem. I had Queer songs and I had Canada songs but I didn't have Queer Canada songs. The solution? Write one! And so I premiered "Canada is Pretty" at the 6th installment of "54 Does 54." But that performance could only be a taste, of course. The piece would be fully realized nine days later when Dana Schaaf showed off his latent puppeteering talents as Justin Beaver and performed the song on Canada Day!

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