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Canada Day (Finally) Returns to 54 Below!

July 1st 2019 marked what was intended to be an annual occurrence; namely, I would put on a Canada Day show at 54 Below. However, like so many things in the subsequent years, that plan was rendered impossible by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite yet another surge of cases in New York City these past few months, Canada Day with Joshua Stackhouse & Friends finally returned to the 54 stage. Extraordinary bad luck hindered preparation for the show. Over the two months leading up to July, eight of the nine performers needed to be replaced for a variety of legitimate reasons (including one last-minute positive covid test)! Additionally, due to a sudden small fire at Michiko Studios the band was unable to rehearse the material as planned, and played together for the first time at soundcheck. Despite these obstacles, the show was a success. Don't take my word for it though — Canada Day with Joshua Stackhouse & Friends (2022 edition) marks the first time a show of mine has been professionally reviewed! Hopefully this marks the first of many reviews — and hopefully many of them will be just as positive.

Earlier today I began editing the footage from the show so hopefully I will be able to begin posting videos soon. In the meantime, here's a selection of the wonderful photos Kevin Alvey took of the show.

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