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Video #5: Kathryn Allison Showing Up!

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends; sometimes, when you're being bullied by a belligerent brother-in-law, you need someone to come to the rescue; and sometimes, when you're a meek little Canadian, you need a no-nonsense American to have your back. Fortunately for this Canadian (would we use the word "meek"?), I had the effervescent Kathryn Allison in my corner! Between her stint in Aladdin, and her current gig in Wicked, Kathryn made a "surprise" appearance at my Canada Day show when my-brother-in-law Brad (played by Brian Charles Rooney) demanded a song by an American composer. Fortunately, I have dual citizenship so I was able to sneak an original song under the wire – albeit a song in a particularly American style. Inspired by the unique sound of Portland-based band the Dandy Warhols, the song "Ain't Love Dandy?" enjoyed its performance debut thanks to Ms. Allison's brilliant performance – backed up by the talented Canadian vocalists: Jacqui Sirois and Katherine Winter.

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