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Video #6: Latest Video; One of My Earliest Songs

There was lots to be excited about as I was preparing Feinstein's/54 Below's first celebration of Canada Day. One of the many reasons to be excited was that the show provided an opportunity to dust off one the very first musical theatre songs I've ever written. In one of only two solemn moments in an otherwise-bonkers cabaret (the other moment of sobriety being Amy Rivard premiering "I Can Give It Up"), I was able to present "The Moment" to a New York audience for the first time. Sung by the vocally-gifted and instantly-lovable Jordan Bell, "the Moment" retells an admittedly autobiographical story of when an old flame and I decided to do the right thing. But as I learned, even if would never regret choosing the right thing, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from wondering "what if?"

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