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October 25, 2019

Broadway's Cory Jeacoma Sings "Manly Man's Lament" in Video #2!

"It's a two! A two! A Two-Show Day!"

Okay, not so much a two-show-day so much as a day to post video number two! Cory Jeacoma (currently finishing up his stint as Gerry Goffin in "Beatiful: The Carole King Musical") sings "Manly Man's Lament." This song is one of the very first musical-theatre songs I wrote and remains one of the funniest. No one has brought it to life quite like Cory so I'm very pleased to be posting this video! I hope you enjoy it!

October 18, 2019

At long last: the first video from the Canada Day show!

The amazingly talented and exceptionally kind Amy Rivard sings "I Can Give It Up" based on the true story of how Albertan woman Emma Libby changed her life around to qualify as a kidney donor for her sister Lexie (more details:

Fitting, I suppose, to post a song about the generous heart of a brave Canadian woman so close to Canadian Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! More videos coming soon!

June 24, 2019

One week away!

It's upon us! In less than a week Feinstein's/54 Below will be presenting "Canada Day with Joshua Stackhouse!"

We've assembled a great cast:

Kathryn Allison (Aladdin)
Brian Charles Rooney (The Threepenny Opera, Bedbugs!!!)

Cory Jeacoma (Jersey Boys)
Jordan Bell (The Stratford Festival)
Cassie Nadeau (Saturday Night Live band, Full Bodied Sound)
Amy Rivard (Celtic Woman, Riverdance)
Dana Schaaf (Matchmaker, Matchmaker I’m Willing to Settle!)

Lauren Díaz Morgan
Jacqui Sirois
Katherine Winter

Be sure to use the promo code: CANADA1

March 01, 2019

Upcoming Show!

In exactly 4 months I will be presenting another show Feinstein's/54 Below! You may notice that July 1st is also Canada Day! How fun! This show will be part showcase, part holiday special, and an exuberant celebration of Canada. It's still a long ways off so there will be more details to come. But for all you eager beavers out there, you can already get your tickets. Be sure to use the promo code: CANADA1

September 10, 2018

New Recruit – BMI Workshop

I'm pleased as peaches to announce that I will be participating in the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop this fall! For the many of you who don't know what the heck the BMI Workshop is, I will do my best to explain it. It should be duly noted that I haven't yet attended a single session so it's quite likely I haven't got all my facts straight, but here goes: the quick and dirty version is that the Workshop is like a once-per-week studio class for musical theatre songwriters. Composers and lyricists are paired up and given assignments (writing prompts) for new original songs. The participants then compare work with the "class", wherein they receive constructive criticism from their classmates and the program's moderators.

The first year of BMI is jokingly called "speed-dating" because lyricists and composers are shuffled around between assignments so as to expose the participants to a variety of collaborative experiences.

"But, Josh, you write music and lyrics. Do you just write by yourself? Or, do you alternate between participating as  a composer and participating as a lyricist?"

Good question, you!

Although I fancy myself a composer-lyricist (and librettist, too, thank you very much!), the Workshop only accepts participants as one or the other. I will be participating in the Workshop as a lyricist.


The Workshop is a two-year program and the second year operates a little differently than what I described above, but let's post about that bridge when we get to it. Many of my heroes have gone through this workshop so I am over the moon to have been accepted! Also, please wish me luck as I have had virtually no experience collaborating in song-writing...

I'm so looking forward to this new experience and I hope you all will be looking forward to the new work I'll be doing in this Workshop!

April 12, 2018

Welcome to

Well it's about time I had a webpage, eh? Welcome, all! This page will serve as a one-stop spot for anyone looking for videos or demos of my songs, or for those who want to stay posted about upcoming cabarets and concerts. I'll also use this NEWS page to report on the continuing development of my in-the-works musical: Wait For It.

Thanks for dropping in! Kick your shoes off, stay a while!

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